A new way to manage business travel

A one-stop shop for booking, managing
and reporting, saving you time and money

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“What if you could do travel policy, manage trips, know your costs, compare with competitors and have approvals online, all at effectively the same prices as online travel agencies?”

Simon McDermott, Co-Founder

for employees

Easy to use self-service platform for managers and employees to find the best routes, hotels and price


of travel costs

Travel management platform for managers to customise their travel policy, users and approval settings


to save time and money

Analytics package for companies to track their spending and compare it to industry averages

A New Way To Manage Business Travel

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About Us

We’ve travelled millions of miles to pursue our professional passions. Like you, we know it can be done a whole lot better.

Technology has revolutionised our personal travel, giving us endless insights and flexibility at our finger tips, while saving us all time and money. So why should we accept anything less when it comes to travelling for work?

We’re a multinational team of globetrotters, with experience in the tech and travel industries, everywhere from leading multinationals to launching our own start ups.

We’ve made it our mission to help SMEs organise and optimise their business travel and expenses. We’ve designed a tool that’s fast, flexible and has even more features, because we believe our customers deserve the very best.

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